Writing As a Remedy

This morning’s breakfast has been a cornucopia of cold remedies: B vitamins, Emergen-C, and green tea. Ugh. The scratchy throat still triumphs.

There was a moment of instant relief though, when I was working on my latest story. The itch in my throat seemed to dissolve, the aches in my body faded as all attentions were focused on the scene I was creating. Or, more accurately, the scene I watched unfold in mindscape.

I’m sure many writers can relate. It’s like tuning into your subconscious, which has been working feverishly on story details, readying them for the taking. I block out distractions, which includes my own life story: my worries, hopes, and wishes for a speedy recovery.  Then its like grabbing information and relating it in the best way possible. That’s when the writing flows, uninterrupted.

Anyway, I want to offer a quick update about what’s to come:

A new excerpt from my WIP titled Chicken.

More flash fiction and poetry.

And possibly updates about my other creative endeavors (music and YouTube-type stuff).